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Salman Khan apparently will start his Youtube channel

Salman Khan to become a Youtuber?

Salman Khan is using this time of isolation at his farmhouse in Panvel in the outskirts of Mumbai, to do things he has never had the time to do.

One now hears of Salman starting his own YouTube channel where he will post videos.

A friend of the Superstar says, “It’s something he must have thought of now that he has time. And he has posted a video from his debut film Main Pyar Kiya with a twist. He wipes out the lipstick mark of his sweetheart rather than kissing it. This is Salman’s message on what physical intimacy in our films would mean after the Coronavirus.”

Always shy of getting intimate with his heroines, Salman has always propounded a no-kissing-no-hugging policy with his leading ladies on screen.

Says the friend, “In fact Salman doesn’t like hugging people even in real life. Jadoo Ki Jhappi is not his scene. Social distancing suits him just fine.”

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