Less pay for Salman Khan

Salman Khan To Be Paid A Lot Less For Tiger 4

There are reports in sections of the press that Yashraj Films’ next instalment in the Tiger series will be budgeted at Rs 300 crores.

Sources close to Yashraj demolish the budgetary figure as “impractical premature and immature.”

“First of all, there is no Tiger 4 right now. Secondly, nobody in his right mind is going to spend so much money on one film for at least the next five years. The Hindi entertainment industry is going through the worst possible recession after Coronova. The next Tiger film, if and when it happens, won’t be budgeted anywhere close to the figure being quoted.”

Sources say Salman will be paid substantially less for Tiger 4 as compared with the first three films in the franchise.

“It is the need and demand of the hour. No production house can afford to pay what the A-lister was demanding before the pandemic.”

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