Latest update on Sanjay Dutt health case

Sanjay Dutt ‘s Lung Is Infected, Will Be  Discharged On Sunday Evening

Sanjay  Dutt was  tested negative for Coronavirus two days  before he  checked into  Lilavati for breathlessness.

“So the hospitalization has no connection  with Covid.  There  was  some water in Baba’s lungs which they took out at Lilavati when he went for a check-up as he  was  feeling breathless. They  kept him in the hospital for   observation. He will be  discharged  on Sunday  evening.”

Dutt  is alone  in his residence  in  Mumbai as his wife and two children  have been stranded in Dubai  since  the lockdown.

In an interview some weeks ago Dutt said to me, “I miss them a lot, I connect with them frequently via video calls and enjoy talking to them. Time flies when I have my family with me virtually and it gives me immense joy to see them happy and dancing everywhere. Family is the greatest treasure than anything else, there is no frequently in this, you just connect when you feel like without counting the numbers, day, and time.”

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