We all have heard several instances of Salman Khan and his apparent ‘temper issues’, which get him into trouble. There were enough rumours about even the fact that it is because of Salman Khan’s temper issues that his ‘staff’ doesn’t hold on with him for too long. But if there’s one man in Bhaijaan’s life who has single-handedly dismissed all rumours around the same, it is none other than Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera.

Be it through Salman’s personal highs to his controversial lows, Shera has stayed with his ‘Bhai’ throughout, and hence on the occasion of him completing 25 years with ‘Bhai’, Shera shared a very heartfelt post that literally shows the love and respect he has for ‘Bhaijaan’. Take a look –

View Instagram Post 1: Shera opens up on 25 years with Salman Khan

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