Aamir Khan is coming back after yet another small hiatus and the failure of Laal Singh Chadha. As we know, the actor is all set to star in Sitaare Zameen Par, which isn’t a sequel to Taare Zameen Par per se but has the essence of it. The film is said to be emotionally resonant along with a message, while being based on the Spanish dramedy, Campeones.

It is directed by RS Prasanna and is slated for a Christmas 2024 release.

However, it was the shooting process of the film recently that but headlines. It is being reported how shooting in Delhi has become rather expensive and where the shooting permits for popular locations like the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station or the international airport come with huge price tags

Owing to this, the schedule for Sitaare Zameen Par has been hugely reduced where originally planned for a month of shooting, it will only take for 8 to 10 days. The team will likely recreate some Delhi scenes in other locations like Lucknow or Madhya Pradesh to stay within budget.

Interestingly, a similar report came out a few days ago where Raid 2 shooting also went through a similar process where they shot in the city for four days, including India Gate, and then 47 days in Lucknow.

An array of films (20-25) have resorted to shooting in Lucknow because of the subsidies and quick permissions.