Sushant Singh Rajput’s 4am friend Mahesh Shetty must be pained all the more as he could not talk to him just before his death.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s last call to friend Mahesh Shetty, what did he say? Details inside

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide news and death have literally rattled the TV and Bollywood industry.

For close friend Mahesh Shetty, this is far more disturbing as he was the reach-to-person for Sushant Singh Rajput all through the last few months.

It is reported that Mahesh has been talking to Sushant, keeping him in good stead throughout his depression phase.

And Mahesh did receive a call from Sushant at 1.50 am on Sunday morning. However, Mahesh did not answer that call. As per the report of Peeping Moon, Mahesh did call back Sushant promptly at 8.30 am but Sushant did not receive the call.

The police check of Sushant’s phone and calls made did reveal a stunning fact that will probably hit Mahesh badly. Sushant had dialled up Mahesh yesterday morning at about 9.30 am but the call did not go through at all. There was no call received of it at Mahesh’s end as per the police check, as reported by Peeping Moon.

As per sources, Mahesh had been handling Sushant’s emotional problems very well for the last few months. Their friendship dates back to the days of Pavitra Rishta and it is sad to know that Mahesh could not speak to Sushant just before the actor ended his life.

We never know what would have happened if Sushant had spoken to Mahesh in that decisive moment!!

Our heart goes out to Mahesh and the family of Sushant who are put through this trauma!!

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