Speculations on Bachchans' health must stop

Times Now Goofup…Misinformation On The Bachchans’ Health Must Stop

The Bachchan family is not amused by speculative reports on their health put out by websites eager to win hits by being the first to report and by news channels that thrive on sensationalism.

However, health issues are pure no-no when it comes to speculative reporting. Sources close to the Bachchans say the family is appalled by false reports, especially on the senior Bachchan’s health.

After TimesNow (wrongly) reported that theBig B had tested negative for Covid19, Big B in an unusual outburst of anger tweeted against the news report: “This news is incorrect, irresponsible, fake and an incorrigible LIE!”

Though the news channel issued an apology the damage was done, as industry spokesperson Ashoke Pandit was asked to react to the “news” of Big B testing negative.

Says Pandit, “I reacted to the question I was asked. How was I to know the news was false? One would hardly expect a channel so reputed to goof up. Anyway, it was about Bachchan Saab’s good health. What is wrong with that? Coronavirus is the one thing where ‘negative’ is positive news.”

However, the Bachchans have their own take on health reports.

“They’ve been keeping quiet about their health, and with reason. The hospital has strictly warned the family from giving out information on their health status. All I can tell you is they are all improving by the day. But to report that Bachchan Saab has tested negative for Corona was jumping the gun. Where did they get this information? These are hard times for the world and for the Bachchan family. Please show some sensitivity,” says a friend of the family.

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Subhash K. Jha is a veteran Indian film critic, journalist based in Patna, Bihar. He is currently film critic with leading daily The Times of India, Firstpost, Deccan chronicle and DNA News, besides TV channels Zee News and News18 India.

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