Know the top 3 rumours about Priyanka Chopra Jonas which will leave you stunned

Top 3 Rumours About Priyanka Chopra Which Will Leave You Stunned

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one name in the entertainment industry which is certainly not new to the world of rumours. In her illustrious career of more than 16 years so far, Priyanka has been a part of several shocking rumuors that have managed to grab some serious eyeballs in the past.

Today, she might be ruling the world as she’s one of the biggest global stars at the moment but the journey certainly hasn’t been an easy ride for Priyanka Chopra. So out of all the rumours that we have heard about Priyanka so far, which three qualify right there at the top?

Relationship with Shahid Kapoor – Rumors of Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor became stronger than ever when both were working together in Kaminey. However, both Shahid and Priyanka individually clarified to the media later on that they were just ‘good friends’

Divorce rumours with Nick Jonas – This was probably the biggest of them all. Within just a year of their marriage, rumors started flouting on internet as to how everything is not so fine in Nick and Priyanka’s paradise and they are set for a divorce. But, like a true queen, Priyanka and Nick took to their social media handles to post pictures of them together to shut down every rumour like a boss.

Pregnancy rumours within 2 months of marriage – This stirred the internet to a great extent when rumours came out of Priyanka being pregnant within the first two months of their marriage. However, like many other rumours, this too died a natural death.

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