Urmila Matondkar on 'softporn' actress' comment

Urmila Matondkar Thanks India For The Support, Draws Attention To Anchor’s Gleeful Look On Kangana’s Softporn Comment

Kangana Ranaut’s unsavoury comments on Urmila Matondkar, calling her a ‘softporn actress’ among other things, has not gone down well with netizens who for once are slamming Ms Ranaut left right and centre (pun intended).

Says Urmila, “ Thank you धन्यवाद शुक्रिया to the majority of the people of India who stood by me. Their support has made me who I’m. I am eternally grateful. Today you all have defeated the IT trolls. It’s a momentous victory. More power to the PEOPLE of India.Jai Hind.”

Urmila says she is overwhelmed by the response. “I expected support from Maharashtra. But the support is coming from all over the country. It’s very reassuring to know that the right-minded population still prevails in India.”

While she won’t comment on Kangana’s “softporn” jibe Urmila does wonder why the anchor interviewing Kangana had a gleeful look in her eyes and a smirking smile on her lips.

We have all been wondering the same. Aren’t interviewers expected to remain neutral?

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