Tell us about your experience of working with Akshay Kumar in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and Padman?

Working with Akshay Sir was a transformative experience. He is a powerhouse in the industry, a highly professional actor, a great producer, and a revered name. To work with him, I focused intensely on perfection, driven by a clear vision from the very beginning. My bond with Akshay Sir runs deep, and I have immense respect for him. He provided me with invaluable knowledge and tools, and I yearn to work with him again in the future. However, it was when I took a detour outside of our collaborations that led me to make some mistakes. Thinking that everyone in the industry would be like him, which was a misconception, I ventured into new relationships, but it turned out to be a different world altogether. I should have stayed focused and learned more before taking on too much.

What are your observations as regards to being a female producer in the Hindi film industry, and did you face any challenges in particular?

Being a female producer in the Hindi film industry can be a demanding yet rewarding experience.

The film industry, like many others, has traditionally been male-dominated. Female producers may encounter gender bias in various aspects of their work, including getting financial support, handling negotiations and being taken seriously in decision-making roles.Female producers may find it challenging to get equal opportunities and representation compared to their male counterparts. The industry’s preference for male-led projects can make it harder for women to get their projects greenlit and receive the necessary resources.

What difficulties should women producers prepare themselves for?

Networking and Relationships: Networking is crucial in the film industry, and women might face barriers in establishing relationships with key stakeholders, financiers, and distributors due to existing gender biases and traditional power structures. Film production involves long hours and high-pressure situations, which can be particularly challenging for women who may also have additional family responsibilities. Balancing work and personal life can be a juggling act.Securing funding for film projects can be difficult for anyone, but female producers might face additional challenges due to stereotypes and biases in the financial sector.There might be misconceptions about women’s capabilities as producers, leading to skepticism from investors and audiences. Breaking stereotypes and proving oneself can be an uphill battle.Despite these challenges, many female producers have overcome obstacles and made significant contributions to the Hindi film industry, paving the way for future generations. Progress has been made in recent years, with more attention being given to gender representation and inclusivity in the entertainment sector.

As an individual, do you have faith in God?

Yes, and to begin with, my mother…she is my goddess. I see her as the supreme power, someone who has brought divinity down to earth for my sake. She holds a special place in my heart as my God, and I firmly believe in all the deities she follows, such as Lord Vishnu and Hanuman ji.

My mother always emphasizes the presence of Lord Hanuman as the God of Kalyug, the age we currently live in, and the protector of all beings. To me, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is like a magical medicine; it brings immense comfort and strength to my soul, and I stand firmly by its power.I have a deep-rooted belief in God, and I firmly believe that He is always present. In moments when I feel alone or in need of support, I have felt His presence, seen Him guiding me through life’s challenges. I owe my life to God and the blessings of my mother, as well as the determination of my father.My faith in God and the unwavering support of my parents have been my source of strength and resilience. I am grateful for the divine presence in my life, and I cherish the love and guidance my mother provides as she embodies the essence of godliness for me.

What is your take as regards to the present day content from Bollywood industry?

Now, with the shift in the industry due to OTT platforms and changing filmmaking cultures, I believe theaters will still thrive when great films are made. The audience’s appetite for larger-than-life films will always be there, but we need to produce exceptional content to stand out.

I feel that Hansal Mehta’s Scoop is a reflection of reality where many innocent women get trapped only because they are successful. He is such a fine director and I feel that Scoop has came in at the right time.

Recent years have seen you go through rough patches. How do you see this phase?

There is politics, hierarchies, egos and a mix of emotions in the industry. But I’ve learned to embrace the ups and downs, understanding that it’s the natural pattern of life.

Do we expect to read your autobiography some day?

I some times wonder that I’ll have to write a book on this or make a prequel, sequel movie to be able to tell the world what exactly happened (the real truth) because words aren’t enough … someday I’ll definitely speak more than now as right now I want to keep my words very limited. Let my work speak and let my family and me heal.