In today’s Bollywood, the nepotism argument is raging. Given their differing viewpoints on the subject, the audience is also divided. Some people support star kids, while others are utterly opposed to Nepotism. Kangana Ranaut initiated the discussion, which quickly developed into a debate in its own right. Ananya Panday recently came out about the issue and received a lot of backlash on social media. Sara Ali Khan also expressed her thoughts on the subject.

Ananya Panday was told by host Karan Johar that there would be some people in and beyond the industry who would question her appearance on the show. Surprisingly, Ananya consented to this. She also stated that she did nothing to earn her spot on the show; her father is an actor, and she considers herself fortunate to be able to do whatever she desires. She went on to say that there are plenty of industrious people who are deserving of more. As we all know, Karan is the godfather of every star kid, and we all agreed with Ananya Panday that there are those who are more deserving of recognition, and Bollywood should take care of them as well.

Taapsee Pannu has built a reputation for herself in the industry despite having no filmy surname or piggybacking. Taapsee explains, “You can’t avoid it because it’s right in front of you. Because the number of outsiders is gradually increasing, this is becoming more apparent. It’s now a question of how it’ll be reported. A single statement is repeated 1000 times. People come to us with questions, which are then amplified. Actors aren’t participating in the argument. From day tonight, we are aware of its presence in our faces. As a result, I’ve stopped viewing it as a victim. I’ve accepted it as a game rule and am trying to find my way through it, which is exactly what I’m doing.”

Sara Ali Khan, on the other hand, had a more appropriate and sensible response to the situation. When asked if her legacy puts any pressure on her, she says, “Anything in life, I feel, is as much pressure as you put on yourself. Every day of my profession is a joy for me. I never saw it as a source of stress. I also realized and recognized that if I feel under pressure because I’m Saif and Amrita’s kid, which is something I’m quite proud of, I won’t be able to perform. Taking that kind of pressure isn’t a good idea.”

The above information is according to PinkVilla.

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