In our society, being a woman is not simple. Because, of course, people think it’s okay to impose their will on you, you will be told how to live your own life. Sadly, Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy served as a recent example that showed just how far we still have to go in creating a progressive society. Although telling her when to have a baby is not anyone’s business, people nonetheless destroyed the best possible news. What’s this? Bollywood stars have previously been made fun of for declaring their pregnancies. Take a peek at the actresses’ list.

Alia announced her pregnancy on Instagram, but instead of congratulating the pair, people started making fun of her. Please quit making memes about everything. Mira received abuse for having children so young. People objected when the couple later revealed the birth of their second child. A few weeks after getting married to Vaibhav Rekhi, Dia Mirza made the pregnancy announcement. She received criticism for getting married while pregnant. But for this, the actor had a suitable response.

Once again, People made fun of Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya for their timing when they revealed their pregnancy. For becoming pregnant before getting married, Neha Dhupia received abuse. Even though it was rumoured that Neha was already in her first trimester when the pair got married, however, this does not give anyone the right to spread such offensive remarks.

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