All The Reasons To Love Guru Randhawa

What Makes Guru Randhawa Our Absolute Favourite

In this day and time, when we think of the most popular music artists in the country, we definitely remember Guru Randhawa as one of them. The artist has hit the top charts several times with his super hit songs. He is an artist with one of the most successful music careers that we know of. Through his work, Guru Randhawa has definitely made it obvious that there is a whole new standard that he has set for other fellow artists to reach.

High Rated Gabru is one of the most famous hits across the country and it is sung by him. This number went viral with a very high number of views on YouTube in a very limited period of time. The artist is Punjabi and it is often visible in his songs where the Punjabi munda adds his own twist to his music. This always succeeds in catching the attention of the crowd. The fans too love this twist and hence can’t stop listening to his music.

The singer recently took a big step by taking his music to the international platform. He made his international debut with the world famous Pitbull. The two stars collaborated to make a Spanish song, which was also a hit. The artist also performed before a crowd of 1.25 lakh people in Kota in Rajasthan. This is the highest number of audience to attend any concert of an Indian artist.

We hope Guru keeps prospering in the music world, not only nationwide but also worldwide. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favourite artists and celebs.

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