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Check out some off duty looks of Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson & Sharon Stone

[IN PICS] Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Sharon Stone’s Off Duty look

The charm, gorgeousness & elegance of Hollywood women are such that billions of men all around the world crush on them big time. Three such ladies who have managed to enthrall and impress their fans with their magnetic looks over the years are Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson & Sharon Stone. All actors have that one role which set the tone for their careers and make them an overnight sensation. These three ladies have had such big breaks too in movies like Twilight series, Harry Potter series, & Catwoman respectively.

Kristen, Emma & Sharon are three of the leading beauties of Hollywood today and the respect they command today is courtesy years and years of toil and hard work. But it’s just basic human instinct right to also take some time off for a mini holiday to refresh yourself and your mind? Well, these three ladies too feel the same and their off duty holiday looks are all about style goals for their fans.

As you all can see in the picture, all three of them are looking exceptionally hot & suave but readers, if you had to pick one off-duty look between these three as your favourite, which one would it be and why?

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