Know more about Sunny Leone's daughter Nisha Kaur Weber

READ! Why Sunny Leone’s Daughter Nisha Was Rejected 11 Times Before Adoption

Sunny Leone, also known as Karenjit Kaur Vohra is an actress and model. She has done many films. She is also famous for item numbers. She has played roles in independent mainstream events, films, and television series. She got married to musician Daniel Weber in 2011. The couple has three children – one baby girl and two twin boys. In July 2017, the couple adopted the first child from Latur, a baby girl named Nisha Kaur Weber. On March 4, 2018, they announced the birth of twin boys born through surrogacy. The names of the twin boys are Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber.

Without looking at color, background, and health status, Sunny Leone and her husband happily took the child in adoption. Yes, it is true that the baby which Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel adopted was rejected by 11 parents and this news is revealed by the adoption agency CARA. Most of the times, the couples select the child according to their choices and they want the child to be perfect in all the terms. The adoptive parents see the caste, skin color, medical background and a lot more but in the case of Sunny and Daniel, they didn’t see all these.

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