Fondly referred to as “Darling” by his ardent fans, Prabhas has an immense and devoted fan base that spans across pan-India. The bigger superstar ever – among masses, has won hearts with his stellar performances and down-to-earth demeanour, enjoys a level of adulation that few can claim. His fans, drawn to his charisma and humility, go to extraordinary lengths to express their admiration and love for him.

The most remarkable display of affection is seen on Prabhas’s birthday. Each year, his special day transforms into a grand celebration across various states where fans organize events and pour milk over giant cut-outs and posters of the actor. Such acts of devotion highlights the deep connection Prabhas’s fans feel towards him, treating him not just as a film star but as an integral part of their lives.

Prabhas’s popularity is such that his fans are always eager to catch a glimpse of him, whether at public events, movie promotions, or even brief appearances. This bond is not one-sided; Prabhas reciprocates their love and affection with equal fervour.

In a recent statement, Prabhas opened up about his relationship with his fans, emphasizing the connection they share. “In the South especially, [the fans] feel like you are their family,” he said. “They feel everything. Sometimes they feel like you are their son, the kids feel like you are their brother. Sometimes they feel like you are God. So whatever is said and done, I will be very careful that I will not cheat them.”

These kind words reflect Prabhas’s deep sense of responsibility towards his admirers as he always strives to live up to their expectations. His genuine care and consideration for his fans have only strengthened their bond, making him not just a superstar, but a beloved figure who holds a special place in the hearts of millions.