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Let's see how Bollywood is celebrating EID

Come What May Determined To Make Eid Special, Say Adnan Sami, Iqbal Khan, Talat Aziz & Others In Bollywood

Eid this year is a subdued quarantined event. But the Indian entertainment industry is determined to make it as pleasurable as possible.

Singer-musician Adnan Sami is determined to make Eid memorable with his wife Roya and daughter Medina.

“Oh yes! I’m not going to allow anything to spoil my spirit for anything good in my life or the life of my loved ones. Yes, calamities happen but we must never allow them to come in between us and the spirit of survival which entails trials and tribulations.”

Adnan feels we must make an effort to keep our spirits high this Eid. “The true test of life is how we do not allow any challenge or difficulty to dampen our resolve to celebrate the blessings of our Lord… So bring on the ‘Savaiya’ Kheer, the biryanis, the new clothes, the smiles, the love, the jubilation- We’re not going to let anything bully us; THAT is the true spirit of nature, evolution & mankind!!”

Celebrated Ghazal singer Talat Aziz says, “Eid in normal times would have been Eid prayer in the mosque then at home my wife would make sheer khorma and would have it first thing in the morning. Previous years when (classical vocalist) Sultan Khan Saheb was alive I would go to his house for Eid as he lived nearby and would have some tea and sheer khorma. I would also visit Khayyam Saheb. Rest Eid greetings would be attended on WhatsApp. As would get a lot of greetings on WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram these days. Would try and acknowledge each one as best as I could. Then we would go to Sanjay Khan and Zarine’s house for the Eid party they would have every year.”

Things have changed for Talat Aziz this year. “ Sadly that won’t happen this year. Now the Eid prayer will have to be at home but with the same arkaan as we say . Sheerkhorma will be made . Will communicate through WhatsApp and digital media. I am also releasing a single Ya Rabbi ( a prayer ) on my digital channels like FB Insta and YouTube. The trailer is already uploaded yesterday. And that’s it . My dress would always be a nice kurta-pyjama so that doesn’t change.”

Says television star-actor Iqbal Khan, “Life is what you make of it. The need of the hour is isolation and social distancing. Anyone or any community which will insist on community activities is plainly stupid and blind. Even the Prophet Mohamed has said prayer us essential, not what accompanies your prayer. The Quran specially mentions heavy rains and plague as reasons to pray at home.”

Having said this, Iqbal does feel a growing absence of unity and solidarity in the film industry. “The really big producers don’t care about an actor’s religious identity. But beyond that there is definitely a growing distance…. When the Tablighi Jamaat incident happened a friend called to advise me to put a video condemning the incident. I asked him what it had got to do with me. Some days later the liquor shops opened and there was the ensuing chaos. I called up that friend asked him to put up a video condemning that. Of course things are no longer the same.”

Actor Sharib Hashmi of Filmistaan fame, is determined to stay ebullient for Eid. “I am very much looking forward to Eid. What I’m going to miss the most is praying Namaaz in a Masjid and the Eid hugs. But we must follow all the Government guidelines of the lockdown and strictly stay away from gatherings. I won’t be buying any new clothes. But I would still dress up and meet my family and friends virtually and have a virtual celebration. Sheer Khurma will definitely be there for sure!”

Delhi-based stage and theatre actor Imran Zahid is far less enthused about Eid than Sharib Hashmi.

Says Imran, “No one in my circle of relatives and friends or even extended family is enthusiastic about Eid this year. Everyone is praying for this Coronavirus phase to be over. For me Eid will be like a normal day except for prayers and homemade food. This Eid is about giving to the needy. About feeding the poor. About helping the suffering as much as we can.”

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