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The film The Zoya factor is been taken from the novel Zoya actor by the red chilli films produced by Shahrukh Khan

All you need to know about Sonam Kapoor and Dalquer Salman starrer The Zoya Factor

This Film is been shared actors like Sonam Kapoor and Dalquer Salman it is a flame where Zoya which is played by Sonam Kapoor she portrays character where she, unfortunately, becomes a lucky charm to the cricket show for 2011

The story talks about the Zoya and Nikhil khoda bless player of an Indian cricket team who plays for the love interest of Zoyathe flame makes it interesting with the characters played at the suspense to the story with some interesting twist of the main character correct that is Zoya. To know about the story of the Zoya factor it might be to the cricket lovers to make it more sports and a laugh factor with a twist of love story coincidence. The different story with realistic craft content taken from a novel with good actors performance and the all-over graph of the story makes it more interesting and curious.

Dynamic actor Sonam Kapoor will definitely enact the character into 200% of herself making the character to life would be really fantastic to see on-screen whether the real story of Zoya. You also make people know about the real story behind the happenings taken place in that period of time with an occupied story through the film The Zoya Factor. It would also be interesting to see Dalquer Salman to play a cricketer in the story unfolding The real scenes at that point of time in that period.

It would also be a treat to the audience to see a new fresh pair of Dalquer Salman and Sonam Kapoor with the really interesting love interest

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