IWMBuzz reveals to you what Sara Ali Khan has to say on being paparazzi's favorite. Read the story for more details

What Sara Ali Khan has to say on being paparazzi’s favourite

The entertainment industry has seen several new stars in the last few years but probably none smarter and better spoken than Sara Ali Khan. What’s best about Sara is the fact that unlike many actresses or actors who don’t want to acknowledge their privilege of being a ‘star kid’, Sara has always been vocal about how being a star kid has helped her time and again but the fact that she shouldn’t take it for granted that it will ensure her success and stardom. The actress has time and again proved that she enjoys being a regular person and appreciated all the love and adulation that comes her way.

She happens to be paparazzi’s favourite and why not? She’s the best-behaved with them among the young crop of actresses and no wonder they return the same love to Sara.

When recently asked about being paparazzi’s favorite, Sara expressed her emotion saying and we quote –

“This recognition is what you work for, right? So, you cannot shy away from it. This is audience’s love. I see this young girl sitting at her balcony in the building next to my gym, she calls out my name every day. The other day I left the gym, and as per routine, I looked up, and the girl wasn’t there. And I missed that. There are times where I am running late or rushing for a meeting, but it doesn’t matter. I make it a point to bring a smile to the faces of my fans. I am working for it, so what’s the point in not enjoying it.”

The paparazzi love to follow Sara after her workout routines and snap her for a candid photo. Sara has always embraced the paparazzi culture gracefully and the warmth with which she greets them is awe-worthy. The actress maintains a symbiotic relationship with them and handles the attention with the utmost ease and charm. She knows for these photos are ultimately going to bring a smile on her fan’s face and that’s what matters the most.

Sara’s next release happens to be on Valentine’s Day with her crush Kartik Aaryan and fans can’t stop gushing and waiting to see the duo onscreen finally. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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