Daniel Radcliffe looks sexy and we prove it via pictures.

Top Sexiest Looks Of Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe the English actor and producer is best known for his portrayals in the Harry Potter films in the titular role.

His late childhood and early adulthood was devoted to the films that came from the cult novel of Harry Potter.

Apart from this, Daniel Radcliffe has appeared in films The Woman in Black, Victor Frankenstein, Now You See Me and more.

From his youthful age to present, Radcliffe is regarded and loved for his amazing looks, cute features and his sexy persona.

We today show you some of his sexiest pictures.

This Indian getup makes Radcliffe all the more hot!!

We are sure many girls would have gotten bowled looking at this picture of their own Radcliffe.


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Yes he is almost 31. #birthdayboy Photos by the talented @richterfit

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Check out this picture from Harry Potter film to see how sexy and handsome Radcliffe looked in his teens.


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Harry accidentally made the most genius horcrux. Harry accidentally made a horcrux in The Chamber of Secrets. When innocent little Harry had to kill the Basilisk, his soul was damaged and a piece of it took refuge in Fawkes, who had landed on Harry’s arm to save his life. Fawkes, being a phoenix and basically immortal, is the perfect Horcrux, and a pretty good explanation for Harry’s uncanny ability to return from the dead over and over again. Your first concern with this theory is probably totally legit. How could sweet summer child Harry James Potter commit an act unspeakable enough to make a horcrux? let’s points out by harking back to Harry’s first encounter with Voldemort, we know it’s entirely possible to make an “accidental horcrux”. And given that we know that Harry himself is an accidental horcrux, it is fair to say that his “soul” is already unstable. “Okay so Fawkes is Harry’s horcrux. What does that mean?” That means that if Harry were to say, walk into the Forbidden Forest to stare Voldemort straight in the eye and accept his fate… He would come back. Because really, it’s never explained how Harry comes back. There have been a few feeble guesses. The reason why Harry came back is because he couldn’t die because a piece of his soul was in Fawkes. As long as Fawkes is alive, Harry cannot ever truly die. “Wait a minute…Fawkes is always alive.” And now you see the best part of the theory! No matter how much Fawkes dies, he always comes back. Fascinating creatures, phoenixes. Fawkes can never die. Which means, if you believe in this theory, that neither can Harry. Which means that Harry can never die. Which means that Harry Potter will always be The Boy Who Lived.

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This look in his rugged beard makes him all the more appealing!!


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