Below are the 5 best songs of the legendary singer Kumar Sanu.

5 Kumar Sanu’s Songs To Calm You Down When You’re Angry

When it comes to male playback singing in the 1990s, just one name comes to mind: Kumar Sanu. His collaboration with Nadeem-Shravan proved to be a winning combination, as they produced some of the decade’s most popular and unforgettable tunes.

Even now, in 2013, we find Hindi music fans all over the world listening to Kumar Sanu’s songs from films like “Aashiqui,” “Saajan,” “Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin,” and “Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayi.” Today, such nostalgic songs are few, and the spotlight has switched to major item numbers like Munni, Sheila, Dhinka Chika, Chikni Chameli, or Fevicol.

Music sales have also decreased significantly during the 1990s, which is understandable. Of course, the development of the Internet has resulted in increased privacy, but there has also been a continuous reduction in the quality of music over the last decade.

Below is a list of the Top 5 Kumar Sanu Songs.

  1. Dheere Dheere Se Meri: ‘Aashiqui’ is probably one of Indian cinema’s finest musical films. Kumar Sanu carried the male playback portion of this most popular musical record all by himself.
  2. Tu Mile Dil Khile: This song from ‘Criminal’ is M.M. Kreem’s greatest work to date.
  3. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna: In this track from ‘Saajan,’ Sanu mesmerizes you with his amazing voice, evoking feelings of longing and desire.
  4. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin So similar and classic, yet with such a lovely melody.
  5. Tumhei Apna Banane Ki: ‘Sadak’ is another feather in the head of Kumar Sanu and Nadeem Shravan, who reigned supreme during their heyday.