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These 5 Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By BTS Jimin, you need to have a look at!

5 Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By BTS Jimin

Jimin is a member of the popular South Korean Boy Band, BTS. Jimin has been the heart-throb of millions of girls. Talking about his fashion game, Jimin has impressed everyone with his fashion sense as well. He can slay in every outfit he wears. He looks attractive in everything he wears, but here are some of his best 5 sexiest outfits that he has worn in public during concerts and other visits.

1. Serendipity shirt- The shirt was fully decorated with diamond and sequin work over it.

2. Leather Harness with white button-up shirt- Jimin leaves no chance to impress everyone. He wore a leather harness with a white button-up shirt.

3. Purple Suit- We all know that the BTS group loves purple colour and no wonder why they would prefer purple over any other colour. The purple suit was just something that glammed up his look.

4. Stripes Blouse and Leather pants- Jimin gave perfect party night goals when he was seen wearing a black & white striped blouse. It had a plunging neckline and his leather pants highlighted his athletic thighs.

5. Textured black suit with choker- Jimin performed before his fans wearing a black button-up, glamorous choker necklace, and black pants.






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