Taylor Swift is Hollywood's one of the best singers ever. And if you are a true fan of hers you must know the answers to these questions

Are You A Taylor Swift Admirer? Check Your Trivia Answering These Questions

Taylor Swift recently topped the ten spots on Billboard’s Hot 100. She is an American singer and lyricist. The singer is famous for her narrative writing skill and pop-influence music. Taylor got into fame after her 2006 self-titled album was released. She has gathered positive critical acclaim and has also become successful globally. The singer is the owner of Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Brit Awards. She is ranked among one of the best singer-pop musicians. The star enjoys huge fandom on different social media platforms. Also, she is known for philanthropic work and activism. Taylor Swift won hearts for her songs and irresistible charm.

Taylor Swift’s most of songs are inspired by her exes. The singer expresses her emotions and the things she has gone through because of that person. Some of the best songs include “Love Story,” released in 2008, “Shake It Off” in the year 2014, “You Belong with Me” in the year 2009, and many others. If you are a die-hard Taylor Swift admirer, answer these questions below.


1) When did Taylor Swift make her debut in singing?

2) What is the birthplace of Taylor Swift?

3) What is the zodiac sign of Taylor Swift?

4) What does Taylor Swift like to do in her free time?

5) Who was Taylor Swift’s first-ever date?

6) Who is Taylor Swift’s favorite actress?

7) Places Taylor Swift loves to travel on her vacation?

8) Who was the Opera singer in Taylor Swift’s family?

9) Taylor Swift’s recent record?


1. Taylor Swift made her debut in singing in 2006 with a self-titled album.
2. Taylor Swift was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on December 13, 1989.
3. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of Taylor Swift.
4. Taylor Swift enjoys horse riding, cooking, and watching movies in her free time.
5. Brandon Borello is the person Taylor Swift first dated in 2005.
6. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is Taylor Swift’s favorite acting star.
7. Kansas, Australia, London, Maine, and Massachusetts.
8. Taylor Swift’s maternal grandmother was an Opera singer and a TV host in the show Puerto.
9. Taylor Swift buzzed over the internet for taking all top spots in Billboard’s Hot 100.

Depending on the correct answers, you can count yourself among the top ten admirers of Taylor Swift. Share your score with us and follow IWMBuzz.com.