Know the romantic affair details of Bigbang's G-Dragon

Bigbang’s G-Dragon Affair FULL DETAILS Here

When it comes to love and dating, K-pop star G Dragon has quite a reputation of being someone who’s in favour of the concept of ‘Another day…another girl’. Yes, that’s true. His dating life has been something which has been of keen interest to fans for the longest time and given his no-nonsense attitude, he too never bothered to clarify any of the rumors he has been associated with. So what exactly does his long alleged list of dating look like?

Well, as per media reports, G Dragon has so far dated these women.

Ahn So Hee

Kiko Mizuhara

Nana Komatsu



Goo Hara



So, this apparently is the long list of women G-Dragon has dated so far. Amazing ain’t it?

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