Blackpink is a famous South Korean all-girl group formed and debuted in 2016. Since its debut, Blackpink has been in the news and has achieved some major success and accolades. The band consists of four members namely, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. According to many, Lisa is considered the most popular member of the band.

Recently, Lisa announced that she will be starting her solo career as well along with Blackpink. Just after the announcement, the fans went crazy over the news. She also revealed the name of her first album as “LALISA.” Lisa also announced that she will be releasing her solo album on 10th September.

The craze of Lisa’s first album among her fans was so much that within a couple of days the pre-order of the album reached 700,000. The pre-order of the album started on 26th August and the stats were released on 30th August. The pre-order has reached an astonishing level of 700,000.

The popularity of Lisa and Blackpink is not only limited to South Korea but they are spread across the whole globe. Thus, the orders have not come only from Korea and its neighboring countries but from Europe, America, and other western countries as well. The album will be out at 1 PM (KST) on 10th September.