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Is Blackpink's Lisa dating anyone?

Is Blackpink’s Lisa secretly in a relationship with someone?

The Blackpink girls have quite successfully earned the status of being the biggest K-pop girlband in the world at the moment and kudos to the fabulous team work of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rose for taking Blackpink to new heights.

Not only are these girls exceptionally talented when it comes to creating pop music and beats while simultaneously matching them up with their groovy dance steps but their gorgeous and sexy avatar is what makes them the ‘eye candy’ of so many people around the world.

There’s a certain sense of curiosity about their relationship status and we believe, fans are most curious to know about whether their star performer Lisa single or not. So is Lisa currently single or is she dating?

Well readers, much to our surprise, there’s not much of information about Lisa’s real relationship status at the moment although fans speculate that she’s single.

But what are you people (especially all the men) there hoping her to be? Single or in a relationship?

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