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Jungkook has a crush on his fan?

Does BTS Fame Jungkook Really Have A Crush On A ‘Special Fan’?

Jeon Jungkook is currently the biggest name in the world of K-pop music at the moment and quite deservingly so. The man has worked hard day in day out with the rest of his squad and it’s sincerely the efforts they have put in due to which they are a global sensation and rage today in the world of music.

Jungkook’s voice impresses one and all is a known fact but what makes him the eye candy of girls is his sexy charm and chocolate boyish looks seeing which you can’t help but drool. No wonder girls are curious about whether Jungkook is dating or in a relationship.

Some time back, there emerged rumors about Jungkook dating a special fan. So is it true or not?

Well all you girls there, you can breathe easy and take a chill pill because it’s a rumor on social media just to get some attention. Jungkook is still single and hopefully, he gets the love of his life soon.

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