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Find out what is Jeon Jungkook's favourite meal

What Is BTS Fame Jungkook’s Favourite Meal? You Will Be Surprised

Jeon Jungkook is a sensation in the true sense of the term and the BTS boyband’s leader has got fans literally all over the globe. It all started when he was roped in by Big Hit Entertainment and from there onwards, BTS as a rage spread all over the world.

He’s known to be the blue-eyed boy of the K-Pop music fraternity and he has quite a crazy amount of female following behind himself who go literally crazy whenever they see Jungkook performing in live concerts and music videos. All fans of Jungkook think they know it all about him and hence today, to test your fandom, we ask you readers a simple question about Jungkook. What is Jungkook’s favourite meal?

Well, we will answer it for you. As per reports in kpopherald.com, Jungkook’s favourite meals are cheese, apple melon, and apple mango.

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