Did Jungkook forget Blackpink's Lisa?

Did BTS Jungkook really forget Blackpink’s Lisa?

If you are a hardcore K-pop music and art freak, it is needless to say that the magnanimity of the craze and fan following that BTS boyband and the Blackpink girls have today is absolutely unmatchable. Both BTS and Blackpink enjoy the status of ‘superstar bands’ and given the pool of talent both the bands have in their respective sides, we are truly not surprised. But what about the two people who have led the proceedings from the front to ensure that they become popular and famous like the way they are at the moment? Well, no brownie points for guessing that it is Jungkook and Lisa for their respective groups.

Fans have been curious and have been seeking clarity regarding the real life relationship status of Jungkook and Lisa. A section of netizens also feel that Jungkook and Lisa no longer hang around like before and have forgotten each other. But readers, is there any element of truth in it?

Well, much to the joy of all you fans, it is not true. Blackpink’s Lisa and BTS fame Jungkook are still good friends and they keep in touch with each other.

So all you BTS and Blackpink fans, are you all finally relieved? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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