Know more about Jungkook's secret Life

BTS: Jungkook’s Secret Life, His True Story

Jeon Jungkook is a superstar in the true sense of the term and his adorable quotient simply has no limits. He’s the biggest star of the BTS boyband and his fan frenzy is literally crazy. Girls all over the world go gaga seeing Jungkook and the young superstar from BTS certainly isn’t complaining.

Talking about popularity, it’s quite natural that fans want to know every bit of detail from their favourite star’s life and Jungkook too is not away from this kind of attention. So to all the Jungkook and BTS lovers who want to know about his secret and personal life as to what he likes and does, maybe the following information will help your cause. Read and find out –

Jungkook is a comic book freak and he loves reading anime comics during his past time

He is a big time fan of Avengers series

He loves spending time with his pet dog Gureum and loves to play catch ball with him whenever he gets an opportunity

One of his favourite cuisines is Japanese and he loves to eat Sushi

His favourite color is white and he prefers the simple white tees ahead of any extraordinary fashion.

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