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Check out the great hidden talent of BTS's Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin Reveals One Of His Great Hidden Talents

The famous South Korean K-pop singer, songwriter, and dancer, Park Ji-min, is also known as Jimin. He is a part of the worldwide famous K-pop band, BTS. Jimin has an incredible voice, dance moves, and style over the past years. He has made many fall in love with his adorable personality. He has been a part of the popular South Korean K-pop boy musical band since its establishment year, in 2013. Jimin who is an integral part of the BTS gang has got a very big fan following from all over the world. Jimin has also got his two own solo music tracks – “Lie” in 2016, and “Serendipity” in 2017, under the BTS group itself. Jimin is loved by all his fans and followers from different parts of the world. His soothing and melodious voice is what makes everyone fall in love with him.

But, are you aware of the hidden talent that Jimin is having? All the members of the BTS gang have got some of the other talents, and so did Jimin. As per the reports it is said that BTS’s Jimin has a talent for doing ice skating. He has been spotted doing it with his teammate, Jungkook. Other than that, as per Somag news reports, Jimin loves spending more time in bed and sleeping. Isn’t that cute?

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