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Jimin is truly an inborn fashion icon. Grab some inspiration from his style file

BTS’s Jimin: A True Fashion Icon

If we were to list the most stylish members in BTS, then Jimin would be topping the list. He is a very talented dancer, singer, rapper, and has a great taste when choosing the right outfit. There is nothing that he can’t easily pull off. From minimal fashion to pastels, he can play around with his outfits and transform them into perfection.

There are numerous outfits that Jimin has worn, each unique and different from the other. An elite schoolboy look? Well, he has already done that. With a pink vest and glares, he certainly looks like a rich elite spoiled schoolboy.

Well, what is the most stylish way you can ever think of wearing a shirt? Well, Jimin has taken the shirt game up a level with extra dangling pieces making the garment look perfect.

The most unforgettable outfit put on by Jimin was a half jacket. Yes, you heard it right, a half jacket making him look overly sexy and formally hot.

No one can pull together an outfit as right and irresistibly sexy as Jimin. Be it a bad boy vibe leather or a goodie boy check. He certainly knows how to juggle around with outfits.

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