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Who according to you has had the hottest looks this past year, Coldplay Chris Martin Or BTS Jungkook!?

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Or BTS Jungkook: Who Has The Hottest Looks Of The Year?

Boy bands have been most popular in the international music industry for the looks, style, dance moves, vibe, and music obviously.

Boy bands usually attract a lot of attention from teenagers and also the younger generation.

The boy bands that first come to my mind when we talk of fashion and music are BTS and Coldplay.
BTS and Coldplay have both gained immense popularity among teenagers around the globe.

Both bands have members who have great taste in fashion and make people go crazy over their looks.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin and BTS’s Jungkook both had iconic fashion moments this past year.
Both Chris Martin and Jungkook have unique styles of their own that will represent their individuality and highlight their personality.

Chris Martin has a more mature and dashing look that he presents for any events or appearances or just casual day out.

Chris Martin looks sharp and elegant in the clothes he wears.

Jungkook, on the other hand, is a little bit more experimental with his style and there are a lot more flashy colors and hair all the time. Prints, bold colors, out-of-the-box outfits are something Jungkook likes to wear on a day to day basis.

Birth stars definitely have two completely opposite styles but those are the same styles that make them stand out.

Chris Martin and Jungkook have both adapted to the fashion that they are most comfortable in.
Fashion is comfort and both the superstars are comfortable in the choice of the clothes they wear.
Their fashion makes them both very different but very stylish at the same time.

And let us know who according to you has had the most iconic looks in the year 2020, Coldplay Chris Martin or BTS Jungkook?

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