Here check out BTS J-Hope's journey from dancer to the singer.

Dancer To Singer: BTS J-Hope's Splendid Career Till Now 800890

J-Hope is currently enlisted for his military service on 17th April. The idol is one of the best rappers in the K-pop world. He has survived in the industry through his dedicated hard work, creativity, and craft. His journey in the industry has been inspiring for fans all over the globe. BTS ARMY calls J-Hope, the sunshine of hope. Let’s take a look at his journey from dancer to the singer.

Born on 18th February 1994, J-Hope’s active interest in dance made him learn different forms like popping and locking at a very young age. Later the idol joined the underground dance group Neuron. In addition, he has also participated in many dance competitions.

Hobi marked his debut with BTS in 2013 as a main rapper and dancer. And the idol became a household name in no time due to his charismatic performance and energy on stage.

J-Hope has also released solo singles like Daydream, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Blue Side. In addition, Hobi released his first mixtape, ‘Hope World’, on 2nd March 2018. He also made his official solo debut with JACK IN THE BOX and On The Street with her friend J-Cole.

Earlier last year, BTS Jin enlisted for mandatory military service. And the news of J-Hope’s military enlistment started buzzing in February, and after two months of the process J-Hope, on 17th April, enlisted for his service. J-Hope will return from his mandatory military service on 17th October 2024.

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