BTS J-Hope is currently off for his mandatory military service that started yesterday. Before leaving for duty, the idol also interacted with his ARMY and promised to return safely. And he also mentioned that he is healthy and takes food on time to remain strong. J-Hope is a fun boy, and seeing him is always excellent. While you might wonder what makes him stay fit, we reveal BTS J-Hope’s favorite food cravings here.

BTS J-Hope Food Cravings

BTS J-Hope is a due heart food lover and often prefers to eat some of his favorite foods. Firstly the most common favorite of every Korean, Kimchi, is also the favorite of J-Hope. KIMCHI is prepared with cabbage pickled with different sauces and spices. Along with J-Hope, another band member, Jimin, loves it too.

Being a Korean, it is natural to have a separate place for Ramyeon. So does the idol J-Hope also loves eating Ramyeon. However, J-Hope is a big fan of meat, which is not unknown to the ARMY. He has a special love for Bulgogi. It is a meat dish of beef or pork that is first marinated and then grilled on a barbecue. BTS Suga also loves to eat Bulgogi like J-Hope.

Like every band member, J-Hope is also fond of Korean dessert Churros. And the idol often enjoys eating churros on their way to concerts and travel.

BTS J-Hope Instagram Account

BTS J-Hope has a huge fan following on his Instagram account. And a day ago, before leaving for his mandatory military service, the idol shared a couple of pictures to bid adieu. And in the caption, he wrote, “I’ll have a good trip.”

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