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I feel I am an even better singer now – Abhijeet Bhattacharya

Abhijeet Bhattacharya is truly one of the best voices the Indian Music Industry has ever heard. Abhijeet started long back and was nothing less than rage in the 90s decade. There’s a certain shrill and melancholy that’s prevalent in Abhijeet’s voice that separated his singing and songs from the rest of his contemporaries. Some of his most popular songs are from Shah Rukh Khan’s movies and the beauty of those songs are such, that even today, they are extremely loved and heard. However, currently, Abhijeet is more active in doing more live shows and concerts all around the world, and fans love every bit of it. But has it changed his singing in any way? We at IWMBuzz asked Abhishek and we quote,

” I have started to enjoy my live shows a lot more now. I sing with a lot of freedom and I feel I am an even better singer now. The songs we sung years back are still in demand today and I am glad we could take forward the legacy of people like Kishore da (Kishore Kumar), Lata di (Lata Mangeshkar), RD Burman and others.”

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