BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, ignited the internet once more with his seductive images. The singer of “Winter Bear” is a keen user of social media, and his photographs frequently pique fans’ interest. The musician recently released his “Veautiful Days” photo album, which transported the audience back to the British era. Currently, Taehyung has posted a new batch of Instagram pictures in which he is seen playing hide and seek with followers.

BTS V may be seen posing for the camera in the images while displaying intense facial expressions. Kim Taehyung looks to be positioned behind a glass that has paint splatters on it. The fans were perplexed by the images and inquired about the idea. Many followers also questioned whether it is a part of his future picture session. However, BTS ARMY praised Taehyung’s beautiful images. Taehyung is tweeting images from official shootings that we are completely unaware of in the best microwave quality ever, according to a Twitter user. Someone else remarked, “Taehyung’s eyes have their own dualism.”

Have You Seen BTS V Playing Hide-And-Seek In Recent Instagram Picture? 758696

BTS V, on the other hand, is prepared to surprise fans with a new song. On January 25, he will release his new song, “Smile With You,” which also includes Peakboy from his Wooga Squad.

BTS members are preparing to enlist for their required military service in the meantime. Jin, alias Kim Seokjin, is the group’s senior member and is now enlisted. His message to his admirers, which was filmed before he enlisted in the military, recently went viral online. “By the time this video is released, I won’t be a civilian any longer, but I’m in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it’s only a message,” he stated in the tape. Also revealed by him was He was filming “Running Man,” a Korean variety show, at the time the footage was taken. Additionally, he stated that he intends to take more films of his followers before departing.

“So I’m here today with the camera on. I’m now filming ‘Running Man,’ but if I have a moment, I’d like to drop by and share as many films and records as I can with you, even if it’s just to check in,” he continued.