It’s exciting to get your hands on the latest collection. But imagine how neat it would be if you get it even before they are launched! Well, this particular member seems to be a bit familiar with the feeling. J-Hope, BTS rapper, showed off his cool new jacket while wishing ARMY a happy Lunar New Year. The message was quite the warm one, and Hobi seems to have done it in style too!

K-pop has always been an industry that has quite an influence over fashion trends. Every artist has a stunning wardrobe that will have you awe-struck. They never fail to leave us impressed with their style choices. BTS, in particular, is quite the trendsetter!

BTS is quite an influential band. The group has influenced the world in quite a few different ways! They are known to some stunning trendsetters with quite an eye for fashion. Each member has something of their own to bring to the table. J-Hope in particular has set quite a few trends! And this time he chose a Kawx North Face collab jacket as a flex. The collab jacket is supposed to drop on the 17th of February, but it looks like the artist got his hands on the jacket a bit before time!

Three weeks before J-Hope’s post, the two brands had dropped pictures of the first look of their collaboration. And when the fashion fraternity realized what happened they were quite shaken. North Face and Kaw are two well-known brands. Check out the pictures of the first looks of the collaboration as well as the pictures J-Hope posted on his Instagram feed here. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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