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Know more about Jeon Jungkook's love life

Jungkook and his love life REVEALED

BTS fame Jeon Jungkook is currently hailed as one of the most popular and happening K-pop stars in the world and his fan following and craze is immense. Jungkook is that one personality who believes in leading his squad from the front and no wonder with that kind of a professional approach, he’s helped his BTS squad reach new heights and milestones like never before.

BTS ‘poster boy’ Jungkook isn’t just a talented dancer and singer but also one of the most good-looking personalities that we have in the K-Pop world of South Korea. Girls drool over his amazing hot personality big time and no wonder such a dynamic and sexy young man will have girls swarming around him like bees pretty much all the time. But hey, what about Jungkook’s actual love life and relationship status? Is he single or dating?

Well, to spill the beans readers, we happily reveal to all of you, especially the girls out there that Jungkook is happily single and even though earlier there were rumors of him dating Korean influencer Kim Seo Hyun, Jungkook had smartly clarified saying that they are just good friends.

So girls, are you all glad and excited hearing Jungkook’s relationship status?

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