Check out the moment when Jungkook said BTS is his family

Jungkook REVEALS ‘BTS Is My Family’

If you are BTS music follower, you will realise very well the contribution Jeon Jungkook has had on the gang. It is only and only because of Jungkook BTS are currently leading the way in the K-Pop music fraternity and have topped the Billboard’s Top 100 on many occasions.

The amazing team comprising of modern-day greats like Jin, V, Suga and Jungkook are known to be very close to each other and be it during times of hustle or when calls are for celebration, Jungkook and BTS are absolutely inseparable. But readers, are you aware of this adorable moment when Jungkook had openly acknowledged that his BTS team is his family? Check out the video below and keep admiring –

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