Check out who among the two Hollywood music artist is the better one! Is it Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande?

Is Lady Gaga Better Than Ariana Grande?

Lady Gaga, the American singer and songwriter is a truly versatile singer. She has got songs from all the musical genres like pop, rock-pop, country, and many more. The versatile singer is well known for her experiments – both music and fashion. She has released one after another hit albums and singles, from Poker Face (2008) to Stupid Love (2020). Gaga has also received a lot of fame for her unique fashion. She has received a lot of love from her fans, all over the years. The singer is still shining in the industry, even after two decades.

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On the other hand, Ariana Grande is the American pop sensation of the Hollywood music industry. She has gained a number of followers over the past decade, ever since she made her debut album, Yours Truly (2013). Her songs like God Is A Woman, Breathi’, Problem, and many more are quite popular. Ariana has rapidly grown. In 2019, her album Thank U, Next was a grand success. She is one of the emerging pop artists. Ariana has also got a good fashion sense alike Gaga.

Both the music artists recently dropped a brand-new song name ‘Rain On Me’ together on May 22. They have collaborated for this song. Comparing them will be a difficult job. As they have excelled in every field – both dance and music. It’s really hard to pick the better one up among the two – Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Who according to you is better? Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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