One of the most melodious and soulful singers of all times is the maestro Kailash Kher, who’s high-pitch notes and nuances captivate us every time.

We rank the top best songs of singing sensation Kailash Kher

Remember the high-pitched melodious voice that the nation fell in love with, as soon as they heard Allah Ke Bande? Right then we knew that music ran in Kailash Kher’s blood and with his exceptional earthy voice, this super star is making a huge impact among the Indian audiences.

Let’s take a quick look at the musical journey of this maestro:

– His soulful acoustic of “Allah Ke Bande” still plays in our ear after listening to the first line and we are sure if you are ardent fans then you probably don’t need more than just the starting beats.

– Kailash’s breakout with his first music video of the sufi rock “Teri Deewani” became a must-have in playlists for millions of fans and an absolutely loved number, which bought him a one-way ticket to stardom.

– His calming song “Saiyaan”, even after a grinding day’s work, makes you forget about everything and relaxes your mind in an instance!

– Kailash’s outstanding vocal work has portrayed the feeling of separation perfectly in his song “Kaise Hai Yeh Udaasi” and we couldn’t help but relate to every word and feel what Kailash Kher wanted us to feel with every note.

– He also manifested heartbreaks and gave an anthem to all those who are single and want to express what they feel, with his song “Ya Rabba”.

– Atif Aslam’s collaboration with Udit Narayan in the song “Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi” was a huge hit and the picturisation was icing to the cake.

– “Chand Sifarish”, “Tu Jaane Na” and “Shirt Da Button” undoubtedly are some of his other best works.

His amazing ability to make you feel the lyrics with his songs, makes him irreplaceable in hearts of millions. Kailash Kher is down-to-earth and one of the most loved celebrities in Bollywood.

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