Know more about Jungkook's affairs, biography and net worth

REVEALED! BTS Jungkook Affairs, Biography And Net Worth In 2020

If you are a lover of K-Pop genre and follow BTS music, there’s absolutely no way you can dislike Jeon Jung-kook and his super attractive lifestyle. Jungkook isn’t just one of the most talented K-pop artistes around the world. He is extremely good-looking and cute and that certainly makes him a favourite among women. Henceforth, it is quite natural that a charming and dashing personality like Jungkook will have an interesting dating life. So how exactly has his dating life been? Also what does his net worth look like at the moment?

Well, as per reports in 95-106 Capital FM, Jungkook has earlier dated K-pop artistes like Jeong Ye In, Jung Che Yeon & Ko So-Hyun.

As far as net worth is concerned, Jungkook has a staggering net worth of $8M as per

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