Know the secret life of EXO's Chanyeol

The Secret Life Of Exo’s Chanyeol REVEALED!

The EXO boyband is one of the most followed K-pop boyband groups in the world at the moment and the global audience has showered them with immense amount of love and affection. But one person who has slowly and steadily led the proceedings and is hugely responsible for their success today is their leader Chanyeol. The role Jungkook has played in establishing BTS is quite similar to what Chanyeol has done for his EXO boyband. There’s a sense of healthy competition between both the band’s but also a great amount of mutual admiration.

Readers, you all know everything about Chanyeol the vocalist and EXO leader but what all do you know about his personal life which he primarily tries to keep as a secret? Well today, we reveal it all to you.

As per, apart from his work in EXO, Chanyeol loves listening to music and he loves to play the guitar, drums, African drums & bass. Apart from that, he’s said to be a romantic and sensitive personality who loves to do charity work.

Now that’s quite amazing ain’t it?

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