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How did the Blackpink girls come in the K-Pop music scene?

The story behind the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK

The Blackpink girls today are one of the leading and the most successful female K-pop music band in the world at the moment and their fan following knows no limits. The amazing group of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rose have conquered the world with their musical creativity and just the fact that four supremely talented girls come together to set the stage on fire whenever and wherever they go for a live performance was something which was extremely visually appealing.

We all know the status of the Blackpink girls today. But how did Blackpink girls become so famous? Well today, know the real story

As per reports in Quora, it all happened for the first time when the four beauties came together for their song ‘Boombayah’ that recently hit 1 Billion views and ever since then, their popularity started getting higher and higher. Also, the fact that female artistes wearing expensive luxury brands and expensive stage clothes with a lavish lifestyle wasn’t really seen earlier in K-pop and the newness and the freshness that they brought to the table was something exciting. And when it comes to the Blackpink girls today, the rest is history.

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