BLACKPINK's Lisa is more than just a singer; know her surprising hidden talent, check out!

This Is Blackpink Lisa’s Hidden Talent

BLACKPINK’s girls are known for their distinct music genre. The girl band hit stardom in 2016 with their first release on the YouTube channel. Then soon became the most popular K-pop band across the globe. And no doubt they are.

Apart from singing, girls have also aced other activities such as baking, cooking, fashion, and many more. And so here we have found the major hidden talent of BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Lisa is the main rapper of the girl band.

Check out BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s hidden talent that you weren’t aware of.

When Lisa did an incredible backflip

All four girls are extremely talented when it comes to singing and dancing. But when Lisa made an unbelievable move, fans were stunned. It is almost like Lisa made a b-boy move while frozen in the air. And this surprising backflip is marked as one of the most iconic moments of Lisa, which shows how much she is trained in dancing.

Lisa from BLACKPINK impresses everyone with her physical strength on the show “Real Men 300”.

Don’t let your slim body fool you! She is way stronger than you think. She is the real man; she can do multiple push-ups in one go. And she was the top scorer among her trainee girls. So often, girls are considered weak, but Lisa is not that one.

Lisa has many other hidden talents. And no wonder she is so great. People are enthusiast to know her other talents than singing.

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