Check out some of the special unseen moments of Blackpink's Lisa and BTS fame Jungkook

[UNSEEN PHOTOS] BLACKPINK’s Lisa And BTS Jungkook Caught In Camera

If you are someone who’s a hardcore freak when it comes to the Korean Pop aka K-Pop music genre, it is needless to say that the magnanimity of the craze and fan following that BTS boyband and the Blackpink girls enjoy is absolutely unmatchable. Both BTS and Blackpink enjoy the status of ‘superstar bands’ and we are truly not surprised. But what about the two people who have led the proceedings from the front to ensure that they become and popular and famous like the way they are today? Well, without an iota of doubt it is Jungkook and Lisa for their respective groups.

Both Jungkook and Lisa have played a huge role in establishing themselves as some of the top artists of the music world. There’s absolutely no sense of professional rivalry between the two. But what about Jungkook and Lisa who are known to sharing a great bond and have often been spotted together?

Well, Jungkook and Lisa are said to be close friends and they have often been spotted by the local paps. So today, we show you some of Jungkook and Lisa’s unseen moments which we bet you haven’t seen earlier. Take a look –

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