Know about Justin Bieber's reaction to BTS fame Jungkook's name for the first time ever

IN VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s reaction when he heard BTS fame Jungkook’s name for the FIRST TIME EVER

The global music fraternity has certainly seen a change in the pattern when it comes to the taste and preferences of the audience over the years. From simple studio solo artiste recordings to ensemble artiste tracks to the evolution of rap culture, music world has seen it all. And then after all this, came K-Pop which is considered to be a blend of all musical cultures prevalent around the world.

One must note that K-Pop has always been a popular genre of music in South Korea but its audience grew beyond Korea only after 2017. Slowly and steadily, even the biggest of music icons started noticing K-pop and one of the first to notice, and like K-pop is Justin Bieber.

Talking about K-Pop, the BTS group is one of the most popular groups all around the world and their vocalist Jungkook is a superstar. So what exactly happened when a group of K-pop fans suddenly got hold of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber in the middle of the road and asked them about Jungkook? Check out the video below to see what Justin said about Jungkook and which was the ‘first ever’ BTS song of Jungkook which Justin heard –

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