Tony Kakkar has proved to be the best thing that has happened to Bollywood. He is an incredible voice of today

The Voice of our generation: Tony Kakkar

From singing bhajans with two elder sisters at jagaratas as a kid to becoming the voice of this generation, truly Tony Kakkar has come a long way. Tony with his heart-stirring romance songs to party numbers has won the hearts of many.

Tony Kakkar came to Mumbai with his sister Neha Kakkar and started composing songs. Within a short period, he made quite a buzz and had caught attention by many. He was initially known for his mind-blowing compositions like ‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ and many more. Tony got into singing with his elder sister Neha. And has given several singles like ‘Ankhiyan’, ‘Coca Cola’ and so on. He is not just a composer and singer but also pens down his lyrics sometimes.

Isn’t that amazing?

Tony has been since then delivering one amazing single after another. And surely had managed to impress us. All the glory his voice has got is what he deserves. A versatile king has grabbed the major attention of youngsters today and could be considered as the voice of our generation.

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