The BTS boyband is right now the most loved and entertaining male K-pop entertainment squad that we have in the world at present. One must note that whatever success that the BTS boyband is getting from ARMY all over the globe today, it is because of the hard work and consistent efforts that have come from all the seven members of the squad. All the members have over the years done wonderfully to become the sensations that they are and that’s why, global ARMY is proud of them. Well, one individual who’s actually more often than not ahead of his contemporaries and teammates when it comes to receiving love and admiration from global ARMY is none other than BTS member Jimin. While he’s a rockstar in the true sense of the term, things became even better for him when he joined Instagram from his own social media handle.

The best thing about BTS member Jimin has to be the fact that come what may, he never really shies away from showing off and flaunting his true personality like a swag king. Anything and everything that BTS member Jimin does manages to win hearts of one and all and no wonder, he’s got a humongous pool of girls showering him with love and affection daily. But hey ARMY, have you all ever wondered as to why BTS member Jimin is so popular among the ladies? Well, the real and biggest reason behind the same has to be the fact that BTS member Jimin is extremely loving and respectful towards the female gender and is a complete gentleman. That’s why, he comes off as someone who’s extremely appealing to all girls all over the globe.

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